Flat Roofing Repair Chichester

Flat Roofing Repair Chichester

Is your roof leaking? Do you need a flat roofing repair in Chichester? Get in touch with one of our team at N. J. S. Roofing, and we will find solutions to all your roofing problems. N. J. S Roofing is a renowned company in the industry for roofing installation, inspection and repairs. Having been established since 2001, we have years of experience in handling roofing for commercial and domestic properties.

Do You Need A Chichester Flat Roofing Repair Service?

Is there water dripping from your ceiling? The first indication that you need your flat roof repaired will appear in the room below. Damp ceilings, dripping water or flaky ceiling foundations are just a few common signs you would expect to see when you need a flat roof repair.

Damaged roofs are usually the sign of old age and damaged timber, although, it can be caused by unstable foundations from their first installation. When there is a leak, the water outside finds weak gaps in the roofing material and will travel between the layers until it reaches boarding you see from inside the room.

Chichester flat roofing repair services

It is found that flat roofs are susceptible to “flooding” on the surface. When this happens, and if the roof’s structural properties are weakened by old age, water will find a weak point in the top layer of felt.

Working on roofs at a range of heights, it’s important that health and safety standard are met. At N. J. S Roofing, we use secure scaffolding and stable platforms from which we do our work.

We solve your roofing problems using quality products of sealant and bonds to repair the structure of your roof. We know all the best techniques to ensure a long-lasting roof structure that will prevent further damage coming to your property.

We can provide asphalt, felt, concrete, EPDM rubber and fibreglass roof repairs. From small splits, tears and blisters to a full extensive roof repair, we can offer torched-on roofing repair service for your felt roof, or smooth the cracks in your fibreglass roofs an acrylic sealant. No matter what type of roof you have, we use special primers for your roofing repairs.

Why choose N. J. S. Roofing?

N. J. S Roofing is a long established company in the trade. All our tradesmen have extensive building experience from scaffolding, brickwork and roofing for the complete building package. Here just a few of the regulations we abide by:

  • Fully compliant with C. D. M. Regulations
  • Issue Method Statements & Risk Assessment on all contracts
  • Put into action a full health & safety policy
  • Hold Public and Employers Liability Insurance

We can solve your roofing disasters with flat roofing repair in Chichester. If you need an effective treatment for your roof, get in touch with N. J. S Roofing. Give us a call on 01243 545548, or send an email to info@njsgroup.co.uk.