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Is your flat roof damaged? Call NJS Roofing today for the best flat roof repairs Chichester has to offer. With years of experience and a team of fully trained personnel, we will ensure that all roofs are repaired to the highest standard so that they provide the service required.


If your flat roof is not watertight, you will need our flat roof repairs Chichester service to prevent further damage and disruption to your property and daily life. If you see signs of damp in the interior of your property, it may be because the water is seeping through the structure of the flat roof, rotting away the wood and slowly damaging the decor in your home.

A downpour of rain can fall faster than it can filter off a flat roof. Due to their design, flat roofs are prone to what is known in the industry as ‘flooding’, which is why our flat roof repairs in Chichester is so vital to retaining a watertight roof.

If the ‘flooding’ is not assessed by our Chichester flat roof repairs team, in time, water can soak through the layers, weakening both the roof and its’ structural properties faster that you can say ‘raindrop’.

The top felt layer is often the weakest part of any flat roof, so it’s a good idea to have it regularly checked by our flat roof repairs Chichester team, to make sure there aren’t any foreboding problems on the horizon.

If you don’t get the problem seen to by our flat roof repairs Chichester, water will begin to enter other layers of your flat roof once it has breached through the top.


NJS Roofing prides itself on providing the most superior roofing service in the south. Read on to find out why you should choose us for all of your flat roof repairs Chichester needs.

No job too large or too small Flat roof repairs Chichester

No matter how large or small your property, NJS roofing has the resources to apply our flat roof repairs Chichester to buildings of various usages. Whether it’s a hospital roof, office block roof or domestic house roof, we can guarantee that you will be ecstatic with the level of service you receive.

Single ply and torch on methods

As part of our flat roof repairs Chichester service, we will advise the following options: single ply membrane for flat roofs or a torch-on solution. Our fully trained Chichester flat roof repairs team will then demonstrate their quality skills in repairing your roof to a high standard, in addition to adhering to the latest health and safety procedures.  This will include secure scaffolding and platforms from which our team can work.

Flat roof replacement

If we discover during your Chichester flat roof repairs visit that a replacement is not worthwhile or cost-effective, we will suggest a flat roof replacement. Our team have the facilities and skills required to provide flat roofing for properties of all sizes. Every flat roof installed by NJS Roofing will have a watertight seal and provide years of invaluable service.

Roof match service

Here at NJS Roofing, we appreciate that each building is unique. We provide a Chichester flat roof repairs service bespoke to the exterior aesthetics of your building. If you have an older property or a historical building, then we fit lead flat roof replacement to match your previous roof. As the number one Chichester flat roofing specialist, you can be assured that all of our services will be completed to the highest standards.

NJS doesn’t just specialise in flat roof repairs in Chichester. We also provide a flat roof fitting service for new builds and extensions. We realise that not everyone has a flat roof, and some customers want to find out more about them before investing in a flat roof. To aid our customers, we have listed the benefits of flat roofs underneath:

  • Easy to access
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Great lifespan
  • Resistant to the wind

As previously stated, damage to your flat roofs can be easily rectified with our flat roof repairs Chichester service.


With many companies offering a flat roof repair in Chichester service, it can be difficult knowing which company to choose. To make it easier, we have written up why you should choose our company above other firms in the area.

A large workforce  Flat roof repairs Chichester

We have over 200 employees all of whom are fully trained in their respective trades. This means that we can supply projects of all sizes with a taskforce that will ensure your flat roof repairs Chichester needs are completed on time.

Fully trained and ongoing training in health and safety

Due to the dangerous nature of roof work, health and safety is paramount to our organisation. During every job, we will ensure that our team adhere to good health and safety practices when they repair your flat roof. One of the ways in which we do so is by erecting scaffolding and platforms, all of which will comply with the necessary regulations.

Free inspections

If you are suspicious that your flat roof is no longer watertight, our flat roof repairs in Chichester include a free inspection to assess the issues or to find out whether the water may be coming from elsewhere. If you need our flat roof repairs Chichester, we will make sure you’re fully informed of all the necessary works, including the cost to carry out the repairs.

Insured up to £10 million

In the extremely rare case that an unforeseen circumstance arises while we are carrying out work to your roof, NJS Roofing is insured up to £10 million, so you know all the costs are covered.


View our gallery to see previous examples of our flat roof repairs in Chichester work.


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Updated on 1st March 2017.